To keep clubs strong, every Rotarian must share the responsibility of bringing new people into Rotary. Each new member must be proposed for membership by an active member of the club. If you know someone who has all the qualities of a good Rotarian and you're an active member of a Rotary club, consider proposing that person for membership. 

If you know someone who doesn't live in your community but would make a great Rotarian, you can complete a referral form.

Download How to Propose New Member (PDF).
Download a Member Referral Form (PDF).

Qualified candidates for Rotary club membership are adults of good character and business, professional, or community reputation who fit one of the following criteria:

  • Hold or have held an executive position with discretionary authority in any worthy and recognized business or profession
  • Serve as a community leader
  • Is a Rotary Foundation alumnus
All candidates should also demonstrate a commitment to service through personal involvement, be able to meet the club's attendance and community project participation requirements, and live or work in th