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The Rotary Club of Osterville was established in May 1974. Several of the original charter members are still active members of the club. We are a service oriented club, with weekly meetings held every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesday at Noon at Wimpy's Seafood Cafe' in Osterville, and every 1st Wednesday at 5:30pm at a changing venue.  The weekly meeting is important to Rotary as it establishes friendships and fellowship amongst members. This fellowship enables us to work easily with others on our different fund-raising efforts.

Our biggest fund raiser is our Annual Bluefish and Striper Tournament, held every July at the Wianno Yacht Club. This started in 1996 and is now the biggest one-day event we have.  This is a large undertaking and all club members participate and volunteer their time in some way.

We donate to many non-profit organizations in the community -- Cape Cod Times Needy Fund, Salvation Army, Big Brother/Big Sisters of Cape Cod and many, many others. We also volunteer  our time at many organizations in the community as individuals and Rotarians.

Established in the early days of our club, the junior Rotarian program is important.  Each week two seniors from the Barnstable High School visit our club for three weeks. One week in April they run the entire meeting and program.  A highlight for us each year. We sponsor "the Dictionary Project" where we deliver a Roget's Thesauraus to each 5th grader in the elementary schools, in both public and private, in Barnstable.

On an Internation level, The Rotary Club of Osterville contributes to Pure Water for the World, Polio Plus, Shelter Box, and the Wheelchair Foundation.  All of these organizations are working toward a better life for all and Rotary International is the biggest supporter of these organizations.  Our club has had people go to assist in installing pure water filters in Honduras and distribute wheelchairs in Peru.

We sponsor the annual Halloween Parade for Village children, complete with our own clown. We also hold a roadside cleanup for Centerville on Rt 28 between the Centerville and Osterville lights.

Membership in Rotary makes one more aware of the community, nation and the world.  We are citizens of the world and when you wear the Rotary Pin there are few places in the world who do not recognize it.

We invite you to be part of the world's first service club, Rotary!

We will grow in Rotary with help from others, including you!  If you are interested in being a community volunteer, interested in developing leadership skills, wanting to gain understanding and having an impact on international humanitarian issues, and if you want to develop relationships with community and business leaders, we need your helping  hand.

We invite you to join the Rotary Club of Osterville  -  Come visit us and see if we are the service club for you!